Birding Region: Delaware Bay Coast
Site #11: Ted Harvey Conservation Area - Logan Lane Tract

Site Map         
For the north impoundment (39 5'29.59"N 7524'26.61"W), take the first left (E), 0.4 mile after leaving Road 68, just before the house on the right. Continue 0.6 mile farther, then turn left (NE), arriving at the impoundment shore in 0.4 mile. For the bayshore, (39 5'7.37"N 7524'18.49"W), instead of turning left for the north impoundment, continue about 0.5 mile to the small parking area.

From there, walk the quarter mile east towards the bay, birding the marsh and mudflats along the way. At the bay, you may also wish to turn right (S) and walk down the beach, scanning the bay, the shoreline, and the eastern edge of the south impoundment, visible across the dunes to the west.

To reach the road access point for the south impoundment:
(39 4'34.21"N 7525'1.72"W), return to the main entrance road, turn left (S) and go past the house, then make a left (E), 0.5 mile past the house. Another 1.0 mile brings you to the impoundment.

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